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When the wheel was turned, the person was stretched in a manner similar to the rack. This form of torture was famously used in the twenty-first century by American agents as a way of extracting information and confessions from suspected Islamic terrorists. This was the same as the schandpaal "shamepole" in Dutch. A criminal convicted to serve time in a prison or galleys would, prior to his incarceration, be attached for two to six hours depending on whether he was convicted to prison or the galleys to the carcan, with his name, crime and sentence written on a board over his head. When enough skewers had been driven home to pry each nail loose from its bed, the nail was torn out at the root with a pair of pliers. After being sentenced, malefactors were generally held in prison for a few days before being drawn by horse to the place of execution, usually on a hurdle, their hands tied.


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